obs setting - line in + microphone

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obs setting - line in + microphone

Post by sue »

Hi guys,

I'm dealing with a new challenge.
I'm trying to record my piano playing with a commentary, I'm using:
- OBS Studio
- HD camera
- MIDI cable for the vmpk
- audio cable to LINE-In for the sound of the piano (I'm not using sound fonts)
- microphone

I haven't figured how to set OBS audio input setting properly. It either takes the line-in or microphone.
So far, I used the camera microphone but that has a poor quality.

I've tried Mic/AUX and audio input (alsa, pulse) but I can't get it work together. I can only set 'default' or my soundcard which isn't really helping since both goes through that.
Maybe I could use also external audio card, but sounds more and more complicated.

Any ideas how to set it up?
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