How to watch my video with Celluloid and Reaper opened?

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How to watch my video with Celluloid and Reaper opened?

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I would like to understand what is the right settings for watching one videotutorial with Celluloid and Reaper open (Reaper use Jack server). Now the video is stopped until the reaper closes....


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Re: How to watch my video with Celluloid and Reaper opened?

Post by jonetsu »

I have no idea about Celluloid and Reaper, although this is something I did and do quite often. Watching a tutorial video using firefox while having Mixbus32C or Bitwig opened to try out things.

The simple idea is to have everything go through jack. Even pulseaudio which is the default audio interface on distros. That way the problem is solved once and for all and all audio apps will transparently work.

To do that there's a jack sink for pulseaudio available in the package pulseaudio-module-jack (on Ubuntu). Once the module is installed add these lines to the pulseaudio /etc/pulse/ config file:

### Load audio drivers statically
load-module module-jack-sink
load-module module-jack-source

The first line is already in there.

What happens from now is that jackd will be automatically launched at each boot using a .jackdrc file in your home directory. This .jackdrc file contains the launch command for jackd, which you can observe now when jackd is running by doing a 'ps aux'. My .jackdrc contains one line to start jackd:

/usr/bin/jackd --sync -P80 -ndefault -dalsa -dhw:M1010LT -r44100 -p512 -n8

Fro then on at next reboot, any app using audio should be going through jack. No need to do anything else from now.

For audio I use the mpv media reader, and firefox/chrome. They do not need to be jack-compatible. It's rather pulseaudio that is being redirected to go through jackd.

Hope this helps.

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