No sound audible

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Re: No sound audible

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Are you able to use Audacity to record audio from your mics? If that works, then my guess is that you don't have audio routed from your line-in to your line-out.

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Re: No sound audible

Post by bluebell »

bitsnpcs wrote:I have done as you wrote and Yes I am able to record audio from the mics using Audacity :)
How is the audio routed from my line-in to my line-out please ?
As far as I know there are 2 ways to do it:

- Via hardware, e.g. with alsamixer. I guess that "monitor" and "capture" buttons do that
- Via software (with some additional latency), e.g. when setting up jack and connecting system:capture with system:playback
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Re: No sound audible

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It's "just" a monitoring problem.

It seems your setup is working fine, but you can't monitor your incoming signal. It's actually a "good" thing as you won't have feedback.

Dedicated audio interfaces usually have a knob for this. Or you can do it on the software side using jack and connecting your inputs to your outputs. Beware of feedback though.
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