MIDI Thru?

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MIDI Thru?

Post by neuroglitch »

Hey everyone.
I'm pretty new to using Linux as an audio production tool. I set up a Debian install, using pipewire, with kxstudio (and liquorix kernel). Everything seems to be working great off the bat. I love the work flow. However, there's one small thing that's bothering me and that's a slight problem MIDI.

I have the Behringer UMC204HD as an audio interface. Works straight out, however I can't seem to get the MIDI in to connect to any MIDI outs for live playing (I have a JU-06A running over USB as well). For example, in Carla, if I patch the MIDI in from the UMC directly to the MIDI out of the UMC (or to the USB MIDI out) it visually says it's connected but no MIDI signal comes through. However, there's nothing wrong with the MIDI in or out, if I connect the MIDI in to a softsynth, it works fine. Similarly, if I connect a software sequencer to the MIDI out, it works fine (though strangely, using the software sequencer to act as a thru doesn't work).

I know it's probably just something small that I've missed but I can't figure out what. Has anyone else come across this? I know I can work around it but I'd like to know what's going on with it.
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Re: MIDI Thru?

Post by noedig »

Are you using an additional MIDI controller/keyboard to send MIDI, or are you only using the JU-06A?
Is it possible that there is a MIDI channel missmatch? I.e. your hardware is ignoring the MIDI channel that you are sending back out ("thru").
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