New CPU for Mod Duo X

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New CPU for Mod Duo X

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Another 67% more power. 8)
Those who have been following the process know that, since our announcement in 2018, we went through many delays until the point that we were able to ship out the first Duo X units in July of this year.

Most of the delays were related to the development of the Operating System for the beefy CPU we had selected - a powerful quad-core iMX8 ARM - and the lack of support from its manufacturer, called Compulab.

Once we finished the necessary developments to have all the device features up and running we reached Compulab to place a new order and were informed that a new hardware revision of the computing module was going to be released and new orders would ship with this new hardware revision.

This became a huge problem on our side because it would lead to a new development cycle.

As every problem can also be an opportunity, we took the chance to investigate other computing module options and we were happy to find a better option that was not yet available when we first selected the iMX8 in February 2018.

To situate you, our original CPU, the iMX8 has the following specs:
  • 4 x ARM-A53 cores running at 1.5GHz.
The new CPU is a RK3399 from Rockchip and it features two high power extra cores, being in total:
  • 4 x ARM-A53 cores running at 1.5GHz
    2 x ARM-A72 cores running at 2.0 GHz
In terms of CPU we're increasing the power by 67% so the Duo X, which was already a computing beast, is getting even more powerful. In the practical sense, this means users being able to have many more plugins at the same time. Also, it means a longer life cycle in regards to supporting future CPU-intensive plugins that will be launched at the Plugin Store in the future.

This transition of the CPU will bring a delay. Most of the hard work had already been done but since we're talking about a CPU change, we need to make sure that it passes all the tests and temperature requirements, which will take us at least two months to conclude and be able to start shipping.
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