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Put a distro in your distro, to expand possibilities like vst3

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 12:00 am
by glowrak guy
If you feel trapped by an older but well working distro, and you have some 4 gig
or more diskspace, try adding a Puppy Linux to your setup.

For example, I use vst3i of Sampletank3 and Syntronik in a bootable cd based Puppy linux
It's called Bionic64, screen shot and chat here:

(edit: the link just below is correct now, I had sleepily posted a bad one
as noted in a post below.)

...and I'll slip in another puppy based on bionic:

The IK vst3's work very well in wine/Reaper, despite the fairly old wine 3.x.
But I've also added about 20 over-rides to wine, real windows .dlls
replacing the wine-provided ones, which I rename like this:

mfc42.dllDEFAULT it's easy to find them and revert
in a filemanager if needed. The library tab of the winecfg config panel
is where you tell wine which of your own .dll files you've added.

Puppy Linux lets you choose creating a growable squashfilesystem savefile
in the root of your boot drive, or a connected external drive,
accessed by a bootable cd, dvd, or usbstick.
It won't interact with your system, unless you command it to.
I think 4 gig is the max for the initial savefile, but can later be resized
whenever needed in much larger choices, up to I think 32 gig each time

I have grown my savefile to 60 gig and will grow it more
as I free up disk space, and move windows plugins that now work in wine.
A Puppy utility lets you choose from a range of size increases,
which are performed at the next boot. A well defragmented hard drive
is probably good luck when having a large often used savefile

A download mirror:

The savefile is only created if you choose to, and is still optional at a puppy boot,
so you can always have a fresh start, in case you want to make a range of
specialized savefiles. The savefiles can be encrypted for security.
Puppy has many of it's own utilities, it's package manager in this case uses
standard ubuntu bionic repos, works well, but looks nothing like synaptic.

You can use the Reaper demo free for 60 days, a semi-pro license is then
$60, save a dollar a day etc The win version of Reaper in wine
for vst3 should provide good results.
The boot medium and savefile are as portable as your chosen devices,
nice to take a studio on holiday/work trips!.


Re: Put a distro in your distro, to expand possibilities like vst3

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 6:46 am
by tavasti
glowrak guy wrote: It's called Bionic64, screen shot and chat here: ... 940a991293
Link is broken, you copied it from somewhere where it is shown partially.

Re: Put a distro in your distro, to expand possibilities like vst3

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 5:53 pm
Here's the link:

I used WoofCE the Puppy builder to create my LazY Puppy ArtStudio 64 exactly from this Ubuntu version.
So, the BionicPup64 is definitely worth a shot. I was active on this forum for appr. 9 years developing programs and creating derivatives. So, I can say the developer of bionicpup64, 666philb, definitely knows what he's doing.

I even use KdenLive in my different ArtStudios. Should work in BionicPup64 also.

On my channel there's a video showing BionicPup64 in progress as a GNU/Linux VST/LV2/DSSI/LADSPA MIDI & Audio Studio:

Links to the Software used:

Re: Put a distro in your distro, to expand possibilities like vst3

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:01 pm
by glowrak guy
Nice video! In case anyone missed it, the latest linux build of Podolski now has
tagged presets, and the latest Diva has been greatly optimized for cpu effciencies.

The downloads are here: ... 2&t=538894

Re: Put a distro in your distro, to expand possibilities like vst3

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 1:28 am
I had almost all of them downloaded earlier, more than one year ago.
Only a few then seemed to be really free for a use. Others are demo versions.

Do you know what's demo and what's usable without restrictions, crackles, noises and stuff etc.?

Re: Put a distro in your distro, to expand possibilities like vst3

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:50 pm
by glowrak guy
Reading each license.txt is good luck.

Podolski is free

TripleCheese is free

Zebralette is free, it is installed when you install
the Zebra2 demo

Beatzille and BazilleCM are available as part of
Beat Magazine, and ComputerMusicMagazine content,
Check the related EULA texts for requirements to redistribute them.
This was discussed a little:

ZebraCM is part of the CM mag content, I don't think it has
the same EULA as BazilleCM regarding redistribution.

The Alpha version of Repro can be used with
it's alphaness, as the cpu was not yet fully optimized.

Protoverb is free, if you follow the license.txt agreement.

TyrellN6 is free, has a more detailed license regarding
how you get it:



u-he TyrellN6 is a freeware plugin instrument for VST (Win & Mac) and Audio Units (Mac).
The distribution rights belong to the Heckmann Audio GmbH and, exclusively.

The author (Heckmann Audio GmbH, grants anybody to use it (TyrellN6) in the way he
(you, who's reading this - or should be) wants, as long as following requirements are met:

You may not

- distribute it on magazine cds (or magazine dvds) or on your website

- set links to its direct download location on websites or other means to hyperlink to the Internet

- integrate it or parts of it in any form in commercial software products without the author's written permission

- reverse engineer, modify any of its components including but not limited to software algorithms,
graphical artwork or sonic properties other than by using the means
that the unmodified software publishes over its user interface or host interface

- gain profit (financially, publicity or any other) from it other than by the music you create with it

- expressly you may not use it to create any sort of sample libraries or the likes
that reproduces sonic material made with it by other means than the software (it, TyrellN6) itself

- infringe the copyright of the author by any claims of anybody else's ownership other than the author

Nevertheless it is expressly granted to

- publish screenshots and audio examples on websites, interactive, video and print material
as long as there's some kind of link and reference to the author's website

- set links to its page at or

In short:

Use it for your own fun, but don't distribute it - link to or instead.


Urs Heckmann

© 2012 by Heckmann Audio GmbH

VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies
AU and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc.
Win is short for Windows which is a trademark of Microsoft Inc."

TyrellN6 U-he page:


(Amazona is a good website if you understand German language,
or don't suck at using translation apps :wink:


Re: Put a distro in your distro, to expand possibilities like vst3

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:47 pm
by jonetsu
All free u-he synths are that, free, and not limited in their use.

All demo of paid synths are that, demos of commercial products.

Two different things.

It's at this point that I mention the funny piece I did some time ago, using only the TripleCheese synth + drums.

"A Case of Käse Part Deux : Planet Gorgonzola" ... gorgonzola