Midi plugins (vst) problem

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Midi plugins (vst) problem

Post by krussedull »


Originally I thought this was a BitWig issue, but seems none had the same problem over there at answers.bitwig.com so I thought I'd try here..

I'm running BitWig on linux and use linvst for converting windows vst .dll files to .so files. This works perfectly with audio vst instruments and effects, no problems what so ever!

However, when I try vst midi plugins (example Chordz https://www.codefn42.com/chordz/index.html), there is no midi signal out of the plugin. In the device chain (panel) the native midi plugins indicate a light on input and output, but when using vst midi plugins only the input lights up, the signal is not passing through the chain.

Is there some setting I'm missing here? Why won't the midi signal pass into/through the midi plugin?

Here's a screenshot when the plugin is activated (only input lighted)

Here's a screenshot when the plugin is deactivated (output + input lighted)

Thanks for any hint suggested! :)

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Re: Midi plugins (vst) problem

Post by ubuntuuser »

I tested Chordz with Reaper and it's sending the processed midi events back to the host (Reaper) and the host (Reaper) is passing them on to the next plugin (which is a synth I'm using btw).


The vst functions are

The host (DAW) sends midi events via processvstevents to the vst plugin.

The vst plugin processes the midi events and optionally the plugin can call sendvstevents which sends the processed midi events back to the host and then the host can then pass the processed midi events to another plugin.

Some vst plugins don't seem to support sendvstevents and so they don't send the processed midi events back to the host.

There are DAW routing options that might get around it viewtopic.php?t=18455

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