wineasio driver not loading

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G M Slater
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wineasio driver not loading

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I am running ubuntu 19.04. In the synaptic package manager it shows that wine 4.01 (i386 and 64), wine staging 4.15 (i386 and 64), and wineasio (i386 and 64) are installed. When I run regsvr32 wineasio.dll from the command line the dll registers as per normal. However, the wineasio driver does not appear to be available. I am using the tone2 nanohost to run windows vst's. When I go to select the audio output, the wineasio driver is in the list, but when I select it the sample rate setting goes blank, and the output is set to No Wave as soon as I select OK. The wine sound mapper is available and works, but gives drop-outs when attempting to record to audacity. If I use a different vst host the wineasio driver is not even an option. Any idea as to what is keeping the asio driver from functioning properly?

glowrak guy
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Re: wineasio driver not loading

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To have wine-staging, you should

copy the wineasio.dll and/or .so files somewhere safe
in case needed

rename your .wine folder to something else.

uninstall everything found as directly wine related, using synaptic,
all/any wine versions. (this will probably remove things you'll want
to reinstall later)

Reboot, and do a fresh install of wine-staging, and don't reinstall
wineasio if it demands to add back the non-staging version of wine.
If that occurs, you may have to manually copy back the wineasio.dll and/or
.so files to the new wine-staging locations, and then register them.

I suggest having a separate linux distro setup to access the kx-repo wine,
should it be desired/needed.

I would also try the windows reaper demo in your current setup,
to rule out an issue with nanohost (which is usually pretty good
at what it does) but it's most likely just a duelling wines scenario.
Good luck!

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