A nice way to get some OLD 32-bit VST plugins

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A nice way to get some OLD 32-bit VST plugins

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Hey guys,

I'm kind of happy about this. I've been searching for some old plugins that I've liked for many years.
One of them which is usually impossible to find is the demo of PsyBOX. The site owner went missing :shock:
and then the site got grabbed by some other country.

Anyways, you can use the "wayback machine"
on https://archive.org to search for old websites or old website contents. Then scroll down to the "dots"
on the calendar, and click on a month that had some nice contiguous activity (or not) according to the horizontal
timeline chart above. If it works out, you should get redirected to an approximation of the original webpage.

Since 32-bit VST .DLL files aren't usually very big, often the plug-ins are right there and can still be downloaded from
the archive.org's archive! This is great for finding some old stuff that maybe you still need for technical or historical or
aesthetic or sentimental reasons. Or maybe ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Peace be with y'all.
And here's the PsyBOX demo too: https://web.archive.org/web/20120208020 ... m-rgt.com/

I used it's output to drumcode a drum pattern I made with a different vocoder thingy.
I used it to compose the wierd consistent part of "FuzzPaddington.flac" which used to be on SoundCloud.com
I composed it during the summer of 2014 or 2015 from a dangerous neighborhood right around when my life started
getting really wierd and horrible due to breakins and stuff like that. I had heart troubles too due to medical malpractice.

The tune turned out great, even though I had temporary DAW mix problems with REAPER. So I went into the REAPER forums, found out the signal flow of REAPER and then reconfigured the DAW and redid my mix to create 2 other versions.

Unfortunately, due to the re-occuring hostilities against me in my life, I lost all those masters but a few people elsewhere have the FLAC final versions because they were free SoundCloud downloads that I advertised for and noticed some did download.

Trump was not yet even running for pres back then, but the tunes were named something like this:

1) FuzzPaddington.flac
2) FuzzPaddingtonTrump.flac
3) FuzzPaddingtonTrumpMegaLore.flac

They were probably 16-bit (or maybe even 24-bit) 48 kHz free lossless audio files about 3-6 minutes long.
Trump wasn't even on the radar back then for political heavyweight actions. The word "trump" came from me trying to trump my own creations.
I was trying to make each version even more spectacular than the previous. And it pretty much worked.

But that was then, the files are lost to me. But maybe someday I'll find somebody who has some copies.
The main audio site I used to go to got overrun by internet bullies and then they destroyed the entire website (erased it). So I don't go there anymore.

Paddington is the name of a famous character in UK/Brittish children's book culture.
Yeah, that's a lot to think about. But at least you gained a way to get back some lost data, perhaps.

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