Airwave VST bridge

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Re: Airwave VST bridge

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I really like Airwave so far, with one exception being importing lots of VSTs at once, for example the melda bundle.

Is it possible to do this somehow with a workaround? The GUI cannot do that from my observations.

Thank you!

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Re: Airwave VST bridge

Post by jonetsu »

I do not use Airwave so I can't tell although I do have a related comment. I found out that it's not mandatory to replace the linvst .so files (if Airwave works with such) between versions of the complete bundle (as beta tester, and as user). During install I do a quick cleanup, the installer getting rid of all .dll files, then it replaces with the new ones while the corresponding .so files stay the same. Works fine. From time to time there's a new plugin (MSF, MCabinet, MDoubleTracker, etc...), so a new linvst .so file has to be copied.

I'm still unsure about the reason DAWs are scanning plugins.

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