Second Calf-Fluidsynt-LV2 instance looses presets

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Second Calf-Fluidsynt-LV2 instance looses presets

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Im using two Calf-Fluidsynt-LV2 instances to provide different effects. With the first instance, everything is fine. The presets are stored and reloaded. The second instance falls back to all channels with preset "Grand Piano". This is a show stopper.

Is MusE unable to handle two instances of the same plugin or is the restriction related to this specific plugin?


Next I will try the MESS-Fluidsynth-Soundfont-Loader and/or the Linux sampler. I wonder if there is some SF2 player with discrete outputs for the channels. Some tips, anybody?

UPDATE: LinuxSampler sucks. Created two channels routed through 2 group tracks and played some notes. Synbass1 sounds like square wave and some notes later I got a permanent beep and MusE was frozen.

UPDATE#2: Figured out this workaround: Insert program change at the start of the part with the list editor. The sound font is still in place, perhaps because is is the same one.
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