Heads up: CMake option purges and updates

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Tim E. Real
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Heads up: CMake option purges and updates

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Hi all. Just to let users and packagers know some changes to our CMake options:

and dangerous ENABLE_LV2_MAKE_PATH.
And enabled ENABLE_PYTHON by default (previously marked as experimental)
since it has been thoroughly updated, lest users feel cheated out of a full experience
by a default build ;-)

The only remaining option that is normally off is ENABLE_LV2_DEBUG.
You probably don't want that one unless seriously debugging.

No actual code was harmed.

This was done to prevent accidental or tempting setting of options that you really don't want.
It would not be sufficient to just hide them yet accept them, since users or older packing scripts
might still accidentally enable them.

Please clear your build folder and rebuild your MusE after pulling these changes.
Packagers will need to rebuild in case those options were accidentally set.


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