Pitch bend

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Pitch bend

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Hello, how can I enter information on a track to change pitch bend sensitivity? I think this is the last thing I need to work out for my migration from ableton to linux...I'm mostly using fluidsynth.... . Help!!!

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Re: Pitch bend

Post by oscillator »

rube2112 wrote:
Tue Jun 16, 2020 9:36 pm
Hello, how can I enter information on a track to change pitch bend sensitivity?
I would try this:

Make a part. In the Arranger, select it and Edit > List (Ctrl+L).

In the List Editor: Edit > Insert Ctrl (Ctrl+T).

In the Edit Controller Event: Create New Controller.

Select "0R0 Pitch Bend Sensitivity" and give it the value you want. Click OK.

An RPN event will be inserted.

Note. Pitch bend sensitivity is a MIDI RPN. Read more about it here: http://www.2writers.com/eddie/TutNrpn.htm

I haven't tried this because my MIDI kbd doesn't have a bend/mod wheel.
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Re: Pitch bend

Post by Tim E. Real »

Open a midi Pianoroll or Drum Editor on a new or existing midi or drum part. Click the 'Add Ctrl' button located near the bottom.
(Recently the button was changed to look like a gear, and just today it was moved from the bottom to the menus and toolbars.)
Navigate to the 'Add' submenu and you'll see the desired controller.
The availability of that or any other controller depends on the chosen instrument, but let's just assume you are using the GM instrument.
Now you have a controller view for that controller.
If you just want one sensitivity value for the whole song, you can simply adjust the knob (or slider) and leave it that way.
It will be saved in the song and sent out to your device each time the song is loaded.
There's a Setting to enable or disable that. It's enabled by default.
Note that for the value to be saved in the song, the knob (or slider) must not say 'bypass' in its right-click context menu.
This is indicated by the knob or slider value box having a coloured background.
If you want the value to change throughout the song, you can draw some automation on the graph.
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