extending parts

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extending parts

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It's been possible for a long time to adjust beginning and end of parts, it has however not worked quite right so it's been hard to use, especially when extending to the left.
Now it no longer moves the events when adjusting the left marker.

Also, now it works on wave parts, which was the main reason I worked on this. Previously it was not possible to extend an audio part beyond where it was cut, now it can be extended as long as there is more audio data.

There are some warts, not the least that if there are events hidden on the left side of a midi part, they will vanish once the song is saved. It is a consequence of how we currently store time.

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Re: extending parts

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spamatica wrote:
Wed May 27, 2020 9:13 pm
Now it no longer moves the events when adjusting the left marker.
I have noticed this old behaviour for MIDI parts, so this is a welcome improvement for me! Thank you! :)
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