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grid drawing

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:01 pm
by spamatica
Hi Tim, all,

There was some work earlier this year that changed the drawing of the raster in editors. I liked better the way it was drawn before as now lines are sometimes missing where it is actually possible to place a note (if we talk about the midi editors).

Through trial and error I discovered now that by adding the following magic value I can align it better with the way it was (so far as I have tested anyway).
But getting from there to finding the root cause I was hoping for some help... (as I'd rather not add a magic value unless necessary)

+++ b/muse3/muse/components/view.cpp
@@ -801,10 +801,11 @@ void View::drawTickRaster(

- const double rast_mapx = rmapx_f(raster);
+ /* const */ double rast_mapx = rmapx_f(raster);
int qq = raster;
int qq_shift = 1;

+ rast_mapx = rast_mapx * 4.0;
// grid too dense?
if (rast_mapx <= 0.01)

Re: grid drawing

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 1:26 am
by Tim E. Real
Hey hey.
Go ahead and change it.
Can you please leave the original lines intact but rem'd, with a little note saying why they were changed.
That way if I notice any trouble later I'll investigate more.

Thing is, those grids were a pain. It wasn't an exact science and I can't really remember or check ATM.
When to draw a line, when not to... It was tricky.

I remember a most difficult thing was that there is the decision on whether to draw a bar line vs. a beat line vs. anything else
which are three different colours and all three can be at the same place. There were some puzzles there, never fully worked out.
As a result you may occasionally see a blue beat line where there should be a grey bar line, or something like that.

The bottom line in those changes was preventing too dense grids when zoomed out, which was a problem before,
especially with Arranger and Wave Editor.
Another goal was absolute accuracy in alignment, also a problem before, lines were being drawn offside by +/- 1 etc.
Although that was dealt with in conjunction with View changes and how we round coordinates etc.

So as long as that's OK and the change works for you, go ahead.