Hanging notes with an external linuxsampler instance.

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alex stone
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Hanging notes with an external linuxsampler instance.

Postby alex stone » Wed Jun 05, 2019 5:31 am


I have a large standalone linuxsampler instance running my orchestral gig files (loaded in RaySession with Audio routed to Non-Mixer and out to system playbacks), and i have built a muse project template with 198 midi tracks routed out to this large and stable instance.

I can't use it, as notes hang constantly, and the midi panic button has no effect.

Notes don't hang with Linuxsampler LV2 plugins, but too many of those makes Muse nervous and wobbly, and i'm unsure whether the project will stay up or crash and burn.

The standalone linuxsampler instance works fine when fed midi data driven by Qtractor, and Reaper, so that leads me to conclude there's a slight problem in Muse with sending correct note offs, and midi reset messages to externally routed ports.

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Tim E. Real
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Re: Hanging notes with an external linuxsampler instance.

Postby Tim E. Real » Mon Jun 10, 2019 6:41 pm

Hi sorry for the late reply.
I will try to replicate but in the meantime could you run with "muse3 -DmM" (debug output, and trace midi in/out events)
and post the results of playing the piece(s) of music in question?
There will be a lot of output, but I will be able to sift through it looking for note-on and (missing) note-off events.

[Edit:] If possible, try to send me an example *.med file in question contaning all the tracks, it can help me.

Regarding the 'Panic' button and all-notes-off commands:
Note that we have three choices under that 'Panic' button (click the drop-down arrow to show the list).
Sometimes all three choices must be tried. Sometimes none work, depending on the destination device :-(


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