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Not so negative-For the love of Muse

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 7:05 pm
by vector
So far i may have come across a bit negative. I certainly dont intend that, Muse is fabulous and while most of my problems have been a learning curve on my part I just wanted to say the help here has been terrific. Im under a bit of pressure to get this all working by Wed (gig night). Took on way more than I should have over the last few weeks but ..

I do have to say that I currently have muse playing back:
midi click tracks to the band
Wav converted (built from midi) backing tracks
lighting cues via midi to QLCplus (Aprrox 250 odd unique lighting scenes including effects are being triggered)

If I was getting paid Id send ya some dosh cause while its allowed me to create this monster and heap coals upon my head it has ,touch wood, allowed me to put on a splendid charity show.

Many many thanks, appreciation can not be spoken in words..I owe someone cake ;) and hope once the pressure is off a little (and I can start getting normal sleep patterns again) I can be more civil :) :D

Re: Not so negative-For the love of Muse

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 5:40 am
by Tim E. Real
Of course it's tough, especially with software you might be unfamiliar with.

It's a labour of intense passion.
I've got so many things in different branches that I'd like to add. Slowly getting there.
Especially the time-stretching and pitch-shifting support branch.
And the latency-correction branch.
But first there's the ui fixes branch I promised like 2 months ago...

Theatrical uses, eh? I've studied that a few times. There is something called theatrical midi which I think
defines common controllers used in staging.
In another thread we have talked about a Lyric Editor for MusE, also with a large-font Karaoke-style editor which I'd like to
see double as a lyric tele-prompter with large fonts.

Re: Not so negative-For the love of Muse

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:38 pm
by vector
Passion indeed ;) and you are onto a good thing so keep it up. Once this silly season is over perhaps I can help in some way.

and FYI the tech rehearsal was interesting. The main guy does not 'trust' my ageing laptop and 'cobbled' together linux/muse/qlcplus for live use.
So the plan was to always shift the midi cues back to the MAC running cubase and the original midi backing tracks. 'Where the sound and stability is so much better'.

Well it didnt work, Cubase kept sending spurious midi info to light interface, kept locking up (that rainbow circle(hour glass thingy) and despite me poking around(in another bit of software and system(cubase and MAC) i know nothing about I couldnt work out why.
So we went back to my "dodgy" setup which worked fine.

so many unexpected things happened.. First we imported the muse exported midi file into cubase and it merged the click track and lights cue tracks together.( i got around that by deleting the click track in muse and exporting again.I did like how the labels/markers came across tho, wasnt expecting that but a massive bonus. I confirmed this with a blank Muse canvas and importing the mid file ..sure enough we have markers and click and light midi tracks separate. So Cubase import problem.

Last chance today to sort it out for the MAC or its plan B and dodgysville ;)

Re: Not so negative-For the love of Muse

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:11 am
by Tim E. Real
Lol !
Well, I must say that MusE beating Cubase for me is the unexpected.
I should write them for a job :wink:

But we do have pretty strong stable thorough midi support. Many years of sorting things out...

I've got a branch somewhere that attempted to allow 14-bit, and 14-bit (N)RPN midi controller input.
We support all manner of such controllers for output as you see in the Instrument Editor.
But not input, which is far, far harder.

Re: Not so negative-For the love of Muse

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 10:51 am
by vector
For completeness sake
Cubase kept sending spurious midi info to light interface, kept locking up (that rainbow circle(hour glass thingy)

Spent most of the day with mac in front of me learning it and Cubase.
The problem was a simple one. Every time you touch a track in cubase it auto switches to "rec" mode.
In rec mode it was looping on itself,any midi it sent out it thought was then coming in recording it to the track and then ..well you get it.
We never noticed.It caused very strange behaviour:)
Trick was to make sure it wasnt in rec mode when you hit play.
Later we also found a setting in the cubase configuration which turned this "auto rec on touch" off.

bingo. Cubase is now running (midi and wav) files produced, on linux Muse.
This all means we can collaborate, I can work on lighting cues using a midi click track and some markers and he can work on audio and such.
We stitched the whole show together and tested it (hooked up to the lights them selves.) Apart from a few light cue errors on my behalf and some strange behaviour when using lighting FX it worked a number of times from start to finish;)

Wed night gig is looking wicked!!
Once again my humble and grateful thanks for Muse.
I hope to learn it enough to actually use it for what it was intended next time...Lol

Re: Not so negative-For the love of Muse

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 11:07 pm
by vector
Just as a follow up.
Gig rocked!!
lights spat out like in perfect sync. thanks guys.
took 2-3hours to setup on the day and an hour to take down. started playing at 3pm went thru to 9pm(couple of breaks) long day but well worth it.