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Re: NEW! Plugin Scanner 'sandbox'.

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 12:40 am
by finotti
Just in case, attached is log with Jack running.

Re: NEW! Plugin Scanner 'sandbox'.

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:06 am
by Tim E. Real
Hi just an update on a Saturday night... Working on version 2 of the scanner. No commits yet... hang in there.

As Robert requested in the issues section, the scanner now uses text cache files
so that it does not have to scan every time MusE is started :D

Also one huge benefit is that the Deicsonze and SimpleDrums MESS synths no longer have to
individually perform full scans for EACH instance created, they simply look into the cache files.
That was a big thorn in my side after some recent big 'separation' and 'isolation' fixes for packagers where I was
still not satisfied with how our MESS synths had to load all plugins each time. Very slow loading. It is very fast now.

[Edit:] Ehm, ye see, the Deicsonze and SimpleDrums MESS synths have the ability to load ladspa plugins for effects.
Ye see, one brand of plugin loading another brand of plugin.
So that's where the difficulty lay: The main app wants to load ladpsa plugins but so do these two synth plugins,
and plugins are supposed to be fairly 'autonomous' and independent, so coming up with a common shared plugin system is tough.

I'm pondering my cache file text format though. I used xml to describe all plugins in a common but custom format,
but now I'm thinking to use an already well-defined common conventional system, like rdf, ladspa rdf, or Turtle ttl or lv2 files.
You see, because a) LV2 /already/ has Turtle text description files and b) there is already rdf for ladspa (lrdf).
It felt a bit odd making a converter to/from my custom xml format from/to LV2's ttl format. Like I am re-inventing the wheel.

So I've posted a question on LAD for advice and I'm studying the situation more...