Muse not running

MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities, aiming to be a complete multitrack virtual studio for Linux.

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Tim E. Real
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Re: Muse not running

Postby Tim E. Real » Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:59 pm

Hi, all those synths work fine here.
Most likely what is happening is that some plugin is crashing MusE during startup and plugin 'discovery'.
Yes it has been an ongoing problem, since it is difficult - virtually impossible - to tell which plugin is at fault.
Showing 'abort' after discovering some plugin (as shown in the -D text) seems to be a 'red herring' -
it likely has nothing to do with THAT plugin, more likely some other one that was discovered before it.

Robert has previously filed an issue requesting that we add a 'sandbox' when discovering plugins so that
bad ones can be 'blacklisted'. Hopefully that will make all these problems go away.

For now your best friends are those command line switches to disable loading various plugins.
If you can narrow it down to a particular architecture (LV2, LADSPA etc.) that's a good start.
Certainly our own MESS Deicsonze and Organ should never have problems like that - they've been tested extensively.

As for getting some sound out of the synths that ARE loading properly, it seems that you are very close to getting sound,
seems like just a usage thing, maybe at this point some tutorials or the help file would be the best way forward.

Try this:
Click 'File > New' and choose the template ''. This example template loads one MESS Organ and one MESS Vam synth.
Double click the only 'part' in the song on Track 1 to open the part in the Pianoroll editor.
Now click some notes on the editor's piano keyboard. Do you get any sound? Do you at least see track Vam-1 or Out 1's audio meters moving?

Yes? Now try the Organ:
You'll notice it is 'off' in the Arranger (the 'power off' icon in the track list M(ute) column).
Click that icon to turn the track 'on'. (The 'power off' icon should disappear.)
Now click Track 1's 'Port' column and choose the item '199:Organ-1'. This will tell Track 1 to drive the Organ-1 synth.
Now click some notes on that part piano keyboard again.
Do you get any sound? Do you at least see track Organ-1 or Out 1's audio meters moving?
No, correct? Yeah, I know.
Gotcha :oops:
MESS Organ has a BUG. There's no sound when first loaded. You must adjust several of the controls in Organ's GUI first.
Right-click Organ-1's 'Port' column and click 'Show native gui'. Make sure to adjust Drawbars and Envelopes to some appreciable values.
Sorry about that one. You got "Organ-ed" before :wink:

Now that you see how to set up a synth and so on, you should be able to load any synth track and drive it with a midi track.
As for Yoshimi and Calf, those two should work right out of the box without adjusting anything.
Not sure why they didn't work for you... I await the inevitable followup ?

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Re: Muse not running

Postby vector » Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:52 am

thx ill have a fiddle, i tried this youtube tutorial but that drumsyth dosent show up in the list

ill go thru those ones you suggested ...again

I must be missing something basic. I expected to find a way to point muse at the 'embedded' system midi sounds. Like Musecore uses. At this time Im not interested in super great sound samples so that would be sufficient. some midi out, the ability to set the 'control' ranges of breath,pitch etc and a click(drumtrack). Battling with both ends of the workflow. Problems here and midi triggering problems the other end with the lights in QLC. :cry:
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Tim E. Real
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Re: Muse not running

Postby Tim E. Real » Fri Oct 12, 2018 5:33 pm

Hi vector, can you tell me what Linux distro you're running?
32-bit or 64-bit?
Anything unusual to report such as do you build some of the source codes instead of packages?
Plenty of memory to spare? That could be an issue - simply running out of memory.

Also, do you have things like Carla or Catia installed or running?


Tim E. Real
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Re: Muse not running

Postby Tim E. Real » Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:06 am

Hey hey ! Looky here: ... -429487317

Another user has verified trouble with the CSound csladspa plugins.

Please check if you have that particular package installed.

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Re: Muse not running

Postby vector » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:45 pm

HI tim thanks so much for getting back to me.
spent most of the day fighting MACos but thats another story :(

ok Did the organ test as you prescribed, worked as expected. VUs go up and down, Turning things on and off was never a problem I cna see and know to look for mutes buttons etc..however knowing the native gui load softsynths ,,,ahh more about that later.

Source code? no pretty standard setup here. Dont think I have added anything weird(apart from Muse lol)

I followed that link..not sure i understand what they be saying, Apart form thinking Just use LV2
Virtually anything those ancient LADSPA plugins can do, LV2 can do now.

That doesnt explain why the MESS ones break tho?

and to prove im a nufty.
Drumgizmo was not making sounds because I hadnt (was unaware I had to) load a kit and midimap etc) downed the 2g file, extracted it loaded the basic drum kit and map and I now have a click trak :).(with a 2gig drumkit..a little over kill ;)

Could you please confirm my understanding.

Musescore midi triggers a 'softsynth' of sorts?
If I play a midi file from thunar ie using Paraloe player it makes sounds ,
so inside ubuntu(bundled with it) is a midi softsynth these things are triggering to make sounds, yes?
can we not get at them from Muse?

Surely out of the box an example file that twangs a few notes using the typical bundled ubuntu softsynth (dont have to load clever synths) is a nice easy way for a newbie to start playing with Muse?

So Mess/ vam soft works
Mess/deics one aborts
MESs/ fluid synth makes no sound(looks like the gui needs to load softsynths..ill tack them down like I did gizmo.
MESS/Organ works (after your setup instructions) sounds weird tho.
MESS/Simpledrums aborts muse ;(

ahh with my new 'check the native gui' skills I see calf synth wants sound fonts too..ill try and track all them down..
I dont suppose there is a 'here are all the softsynths called by mus3' package anywhere is there?
That drop down add synth list would be nice to have a folder of (typical get you going synths we bundled in with muse) sort of thing. Part of all those apt get statements in the readme. So at least to a fresh water fish falpping about on dry land trying to learn to walk its a little easier?

Running Linux bionic 18.04 64bit (unbuntu studio)

Code: Select all

uname -a
Linux fatcat 4.15.0-36-lowlatency #39-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Tue Sep 25 00:16:08 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Code: Select all

              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:       16368428     5436948      171836      293192    10759644    10302292
Swap:      16718844           0    16718844

Perhaps if you think of a simple setup drumkit that should work send me the .med file and I can test them.
Ill do the same this end.
again cheers
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Re: Muse not running

Postby vector » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:16 am

I got a bit done today(as lights programmed to midi driven lighting cues.
i have a click track,
in sync with an audio track,
I have midi from muse to QLCplus

what was really strange was I couldnt get midi from external keyboard to muse. I can direct midi from muse to the keyboard but cant for the life of me get any input from the keyboard into muse..But I have no trouble using same keyboard same setup to send midi to QLC or musecore.
Followed that tutorial a dozen times. no vu activity on the inputs so its just not seeing it.
Would have been nice to rec hits/notes as it was playing. In then end i gave up and used the piano roll manually.
another day down and closer to the gig
What would I know I'm just the bass player

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