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Re: muse3 crashes when adding more than one midi track.

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:55 am
by Tim E. Real
Well, actually remember that the app always had the ability to store
presets if you open the generic non-native gui, where you can load and save presets.
These presets only store all of your controller settings though.
Not any patch names etc. That user stuff is usually done by a DSSI's gui thing.
The controllers in the generic gui are the very same ones found in the plugin's
native gui, so using these 'generic' presets affects both generic and native guis.

The following is not available with our generic gui presets:
Regarding saving a song with a DSSI :
For DSSI we have a somewhat more expanded saving ability, such as certain
user-selected directories. DSSI supports this simple feature.
Robert has some code in there for a long time, not sure if it's activated,
which saves more advanced 'chunk' data for DSSI-VST plugins,
the chunking ability was added to DSSI-VST by Andrew, I think.

Re: muse3 crashes when adding more than one midi track.

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:18 pm
by Tim E. Real
"Tim E. Real"]Hey there! Still with us? I've got news!
1: Yep, that filename being passed to linuxsampler is wrong:

Hi there, I've got more news about the linuxsampler LV2 problem !

After talking with the LV2 author, he made some changes in the LV2 suite
and requested that I test them.
I have now tested with MusE, QTractor, and Ardour.

All seems OK now! Linuxsampler and QSampler no longer complain
when switching presets, since the path has now been repaired :)

Readers, please test as thoroughly as you can with ALL your LV2 plugins.
The LV2 author expressed some difficulty getting his test suite to fully err.

So... you will need to separately build and install the latest git versions of
lv2, lilv, serd, sord and sratom, (and might as well throw in suil although we don't use it).

Then reconfigure MusE to build with ENABLE_LV2_SUPPLIED = FALSE to ensure that
it finds the system LV2 suite versions instead of our internal versions.
(I have not updated our internal versions yet.)
Watch for the message: "Linking system LV2 support libraries (lv2, lilv, sord etc.)"

Please note that some of your stored presets found in your home /.lv2 directory may be bogus
from before the fixes. You might want to erase them.

One final note: Seems MusE is not remembering the preset path in the song files.
For now, you'll have to manually re-select the preset each time the song is loaded,
from the right-click pop-up presets menu found on the mixer strip or arranger listing.
Well, actually the whole menu needs redesign and embellishment as we discussed earlier...

Thanks to David, LV2's author for taking care of this.