MusE crashes all of a sudden

MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities, aiming to be a complete multitrack virtual studio for Linux.

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Re: MusE crashes all of a sudden

Post by spamatica »

Alright, great!
It could very well be MusE that does something wrong. Will try to get hold of this plug and try it.

The reason for crashing during scanning is that this process isn't just an examination, I'm not the expert but I believe some things in the plugin are executed and this can go wrong if our procedure isn't 100% right or the plugin expects things to be done in a certain way.

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Re: MusE crashes all of a sudden

Post by Tim E. Real »

How did you get this plugin? Binary or self-compiled? And sorry, can you say again if that's LV2 or LinuxVST?
How can I be sure I'm testing the exact one that you are using?

We'll be making a plugin scanner in the near future.
I want to try my hand at it after I finish a few things here.

See, a very basic plugin scanner would simply open the library and if it doesn't crash, it would be tagged as OK.
But my problem with that is, I don't think it is enough. I doubt that simply opening a library would elicit the crash.
If it does, what the heck is such a library doing in your folders, then?
Therefore I suspect we must do much more to elicit the crash. We must connect ports, we must activate the plugin,
we must send it some data, let it stew for a few seconds, and only then if it didn't crash would it be deemed OK (to go ahead and do
essentially the same thing in the main app). Even then, with my luck I'd not be surprised if it still wouldn't crash until used in the main app.
This assumes MusE is actually opening and using the plugins correctly.
In this particular episode, since you say it appears to have worked in Ardour before, maybe we're doing something wrong.
It sure wouldn't be the first time our LV2/LinuxVST code had to be fixed, but AFAIK we're pretty stable these days...

I'm curious to try this plugin - the exact one you are using.

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Re: MusE crashes all of a sudden

Post by finotti »

Shoot, unfortunately, I am not sure which version I've used. I am 99.99% sure I did not compile it, and most likely was a release ( and a "Strech" one. But I've downloaded all current versions of it from and compared the .so file to the one I have, and none of them matched. So, I assume there are newer versions.

Now, if it helps, here is the .so file: (I am running Debian Sid/Unstable, amd64.)

Please let me know if I can be of any help and thanks for the support (and for your invaluable contribution to the community!).

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