Using a midi controller/cc changes

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Using a midi controller/cc changes

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I'm trying to get my trigger finger to control parameters on plugins but I can't seem to figure it out. It is registering the input fine, the knob I have been trying registers as cc16. I set the automation editor to cc16 and I can see it moving the dial on there.

I have been trying to use the "Midi Input Transformator" to change the input. I can get it to change to another CC but I am not sure how to send it to the instrument. For example, I edit the automation for a filter dial in the editor, the events list says it's an "NRPN14" type with a value of "8277". So I set processing section in the transformator to "Fix" for NRPN event type and put 8277 in the value 1 field.

Am I doing something slightly wrong or completely wrong?
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