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Bass For Hire

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Heh, not really. Anyone need tracks cut? I'll work for free. Trying to build some relationships, as the other collaboration websites are kind of a pain. Mostly, I see "Needs bass" only to find that there are already bass tracks cut. Plus I'd rather work with folks that I know are using my favorite OS...

I've got two five strings, one is fretless. I'm into jazz, rock (like Steely Dan rock, not Bon Jovi rock) but can probably lay something acceptable down whatever your genre. I can give harder stuff a whirl, but would rather stay away from anything with screaming or that guttural roaring I hear in death metal. I did play quite a bit of 70's rock with the last band I played in.

I've got some country I'll want tracks for at some point. It's more traditional sounding, leaning toward Western Swing. One is a song I started the night before my wedding, and finished about 12 years later (slow swing), another is something faster (think Long Neck Bottle, or You're Not From Texas tempo) and another one somewhere in between. If anyone plays steel or a lead, I'd love to swap tracks with you.

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