my first collab in the loops...

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my first collab in the loops...

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Hi there fellow Linux musicians,

I've just uploaded my first jam track back onto Wikiloops, from where I've got the template. My bass was played directly into the Focusrite 6i6 2nd gen interface, and recorded and mixed using Ardour on Debian stable with additional KXStudio repos. Exported and converted into an mp3 ('cause that's what the site is using) with Audacious.

I also used the GxSVT plugin (simulated Ampeg SVT amp & cabinet) because that is the sound I remember from playing in bands, and a Calf compressor.

I think Olivier who contributed the first template to this song is using an RME interface, on Linux as well. Don't know about the others.

It's on:

Thanks for listening. I'm glad that I found that place, and will definitely do more there.

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