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A Collab Result

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:55 am
by forestandgarden
This is a relatively finished project already, but a good example how musical collaboration need not be rocket science.

So I meet that young guy in a totally music unrelated irc channel, and in a later email convo, he sends me this:

Probably he was a bit blue, too. However, I just wanted to do something with that, and built a song around it. That you can find here: ... d.mp3?dl=1

It is far from perfect, but then, a few hours was enough to do this. Maybe at a later time, I'll re-do it, the mix is absolutely not optimized, for instance.

Main actors are Ardour 5.10, Calf Multi Chorus, GxTubeScreamer, TalReverb II, amsynth for bass.