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Astral Piano

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:32 am
by Michael Willis
Here's a brief sketch that I did a while ago... probably going on a year. It's just a piano part, I'm not sure what else would fit with it, but I kind of imagine it being part of a piece of music with a lot of other things going on and then suddenly everything drops out except for the piano and it plays this. Anybody, let me know if this gives you any ideas.

I used the Maestro Concert Grand samples, piped through Rakarrack's "Falling in Fantasy" preset (probably tweaked a little bit, but I don't remember exactly how). The chord progression is:

Dm, Am, G, Dm
Dm, Am, G, Dm
Am, G, Gm, Dm
Fm, Dm, Fm, Dm
Asus4, A7sus4, A --