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Re: I'm here. And you?

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:17 pm
by barbouze
Thanks you for putting this idea on the table and of course Raboof for creating this subforum!
IMHO i think some want and could work together.
I think many overhere would like to take part on projects.
I think there are many skills around here which other lack, and vice versa. Digital instruments, analoque instruments, sample specialists, editing, mastering, songwriting, music writing, producing, etc.
I think that if those skills would be bundled they would compliment each other.
I think if some projects got started nice results would come out.
So here I am, with good will to offer my services or help in the following domains:
- sound design, mainly with ZynAddSubFX, TAL noisemaker, TyrellN6 and LV2 FXs, all bundled in Carla racks
- sample and loop creation/edition for Hydrogen, LinuxSampler, Shuriken

Feel free to ask if needed! :D

Re: I'm here. And you?

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:13 pm
by barbouze
42low wrote:My main musical interests goes to some heavier stuff like metal, hard rock, punk. But i'm also into rock&roll, blues, reggea, ska. And although it doesn't fit into my analoque interest i like some boom-music too like house, acid, trance, rap, r&b (i make those styles in hydrogen and lmms) and many more music styles.
I forgot to mention that, even if I'm willing to participate in any project!
- Drone/soundscape/ambient
- Electronic or roots dub/raggae
- Psy/progressive trance
- Ragga Jungle
- Breakcore
- Hip-hop/turntablism/breakbeat

and many other genres of electronic and/or instrumental music

Re: I'm here. And you?

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:26 pm
by forestandgarden
Here's something I started a while ago.

Somebody even joined. So basic tracks & one contribution are there to play with and get the idea rolling.

Re: I'm here. And you?

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:37 am
by tavasti
Hi everybody!

I am semi-novice musician, trying to learn everything. Busy with family schedules, so I don't have too much time.
* I play mostly guitar, mainly open tunings like Open D minor/major, and 'powechord monster', guitar with AEAEAE tuning.
With open tunings I play also with slide, and I have 1-string canjo for getting 'low fi' sound.
Have also tried some fiddlings to get sitar-kind sound. I have decent amount of effects / multi-efects so I can get wide range of different sounds.
I have also 12-string electric guitar.
* I play bass, but I'm not too good in that (6-string bass)
* I've done some plain electronic tracks with lmms, and for 'real audio' I use ardour
* In theory I could also sing, but voice mostly resembles bull hit with taser

Musical styles I like:
- Rock/Punk/Hard Rock/Metal
- Pop
- Melodic electronic music
- Ambient
- Blues

Re: I'm here. And you?

Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:47 am
by forestandgarden
So I have re-posted my previous post as a topic, as suggested.

But as a general suggestion, I think one could always approach people in the 'Original Scores & Recordings'- section. If you say 'I like this song. Could you zip up and upload the project to let me try out things with it?' or 'I adore your skills as a guitarist/sound sculptor/sound engineer/... , would you do a part for/mix&master my project?', probably many would be open for it. Plus, their material is already there to listen and get an idea of their work.

But then it would also be great to get a virtual Grand Orchestra with all the crew here going :). Could call it "Lee & the Nucks" to dodge potential copyright issues w/ Mr. Thorvalds ...

Re: I'm here. And you?

Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:07 pm
by forestandgarden
and also vacantion ahead
if you need ideas for vacations still, you could check my other side at

The material in the 'Original Scores & Recordings'- section isn't fit for further producing. 44.1khz/16bit compressed mp3 isn't a good start.
If i produce i want seperate tracks and at least 48khz/24bit(32float) exports in lossless wav or flac. I usually work in 96khz/24bit(32float).
of course I want you to play all the tracks and then I produce it :mrgreen:
kidding. But personally, I wouldn't mind to start collaboration by exchanging .ogg versions of tracks by mail, with the option of sending the originals later if and when a project prospers and an arrangement is agreed on. And I wouldn't mind being a bit lo-fi generally. But that's not what I was getting at with my statement. What I was saying, sort of, was: If someone writes:"I play a lot of Johnny Cash style on a Ukulele and some MegaDeathMuffin on a 7 string Seve Vai model", I have to believe that, whereas a mp3 track allows me to judge for myself, even if it's in 64bit mono (I did like the metal detector thing :), also the reasoning behind it, what to do how and why; and honestly, I wouldn't take you half as serious if I only knew you from your posts. Maybe it's the language barrier, but I had a hard time to believe that you know what you're talking about until I heard the song and read the discussion then!). I mean, a live venue owner won't book your band just for a nice flyer, and what many bands seem to miss, is that a simple 2 track direct live recording from a gig or the rehearsal room will tell him more than a demo done for real cash in a 'pro' studio.
my shrink has told me I have pro-phobia
So I hope I'm not putting anybody off with my strange ways of making compliments - I think the Metal Detector song deserves one, and it's a media success, too - most viewed topic of recent times in that section :)
But yeah, my practical approach to collaboration would be that, starting with small 2,4,8,16 bar fragments that fit in a mail attachment, so that a partner can make a project with the same BPM, import the audio, loop/duplicate it and play along, which will lead to similar snippets. MIDI is easier even. And let's say you send me a long solo as an mp3, and I import that, cut it up into regions and rearrange the snippets - I could still later receive the high quality original and rename it so as to replace the stem audio of my previous import, if that doesn't sound to far out.
And if you continue that line of thought, you will probably want to marry musical project files to version control systems like git (an area I haven't studied much yet)
well, happy holidays :)

Re: I'm here. And you?

Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:15 pm
by tnovelli
I'm here. I have a nice cool basement studio and a little free time this summer.

* I mainly play electric guitar and fiddle, and a few other instruments with questionable skill
* can read music, play by ear, or improvise

Nope, I don't pay much attention to Original Recordings either; it's a busy forum. I'll just keep an eye out for posts like "wanted: guitar solo" here.

+1 for, at least until they try to become profitable. Simple; works; no 3rd-party javascript required; signup optional (even to upload); not trying to be a social network.

Re: I'm here. And you?

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 2:03 pm
by jonetsu
I'm here. I've put a proposition (jam112). The way I see it is that, I'm not inclined to download a plethora of DAW project files just to see if the tune is a polka or heavy metal or what. For convenience I've put a current sketch of the 'jam112' improv on soundcloud so that people can determine quickly if that's something they'd be interesting to collaborate on.

If there's interest then I will generate audio (wav) and MIDI tracks. All tracks could be the duration of the current piece or, perhaps even better, and since this is Bitwig using a single scene from the clip launcher, an export of every clip. But then, you would have to duplicate some clips in your DAW since they're not all the same length so you can jam to it an find things to add.

There can be a lot of detailed rules about how to do this but if prefer to improvise the collaboration as it happens, and not spend time on devising 'clever' rules. I presume there will be a natural way of doing things that will define itself, after only which it would be possible to write down a few rules.

This said I'm not inclined in loading DAW project files. I prefer to work 'freely' w/o any association to a specific DAW. So this means full audio and MIDI tracks that can be loaded right away from bar 1 in any DAW. I would expect then that modifications will follow the same route.

We can ask a lot of technical questions although I would prefer to drop them for now and just get things going.

Likewise, any piece in my soundcloud account could be opened for collaboration. If you are interested in one, let me know.