Weird ADAT questions

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Weird ADAT questions

Post by willmorrison »

Hey there, Kids,
I have a couple of interfaces that can make use of the ADAT lightpipe to add another 8 channels. Seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do to me, and as I have an ADAT (of all things), I am wondering the following things:
1) Does the lightpipe on the ADAT constantly put out the signal or does it have to be in one mode (recording, playback, etc) or another to do that? I haven't used this thing in well over a decade an so I don't remember if I ever even knew it in the first place.
2) Can you take the motor out of an ADAT, leaving the ADC's, meters and lightpipe still functional? I'd rather not have the motors running in the studio room with me, since it's the same room that I'm tracking in. If I could take the motor out and just have the electronics, that would be killer.

It's been a long time since I've used this thing, and if I could actually get it into a useful position in my setup that would really be better than letting it continue to rot, and getting an extra 8 channels of input doesn't hurt. Thanks muchly for any ideas on this, and if anyone has done this, let me know how it went. It seems like it SHOULD work, I don't now why it wouldn't.

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