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MIDIhub - Programmable MIDI Interface

Post by stephen_doonan »

This device looks promising. It's a 4-in, 4-out MIDI interface with internal firmware programmable for many types of MIDI routing, filtering, convolutions and transformations of MIDI data, using a configuration/editor app that is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, which burns the desired configuration to the MIDI interface's firmware (up to 8 different configurations of MIDI routing/filtering, I think), so that the hardware is independent of its programming app.



I downloaded the Linux version of the AppImage and it seems to work fine in Linux (I'm currently using Linux Mint 20, XFCE edition). The online documentation looks clearly written and the device seems very versatile and useful, so I ordered one yesterday; will see how it works. Thought other Linux music and audio enthusiasts with MIDI gear might like to know about it.

Anyone else bought one of these yet?
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