SteinbergUR44C compatability and tips

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SteinbergUR44C compatability and tips

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Same as a lot of others...having trouble getting my new SteinbergUR44C to connect with Jack...
Wondering if it is compatible at all.. Had a Focurite Scarlett 2i2 and traded it for 2 computers both with Linux on them... I haven't used anything Linux in a very long time.

As I used Ardour years ago I thought I would have another go. Starting from scratch in some ways; any pointers are welcome.

Jack recognizes the interface but won't "start." Ardour will record and displays a VERY tiny wavelength line but I think it may just be static or it recognizes something is plugged in but wont record any case it wont pick up my guitar although I can hear the guitar through the Steingberg's monitor option. thanks in advance...sorry for confusing word languages

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Re: SteinbergUR44C compatability and tips

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aplay -l

tells if your computer recognizes the interface.
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