lets talk about apple mac

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Re: lets talk about apple mac

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Linuxmusician01 wrote:What @rghvdberg said.

I was an Apple fanboy in the 90s and early 00s. iPods were a dream come true for me, to be able to have so much music on the go. That was amazing.

But I got so aggravated at my first iPod :x . I was forced to use it in tandem with iTunes--super frustrating! I disliked iTunes with a passion. Then I found the open source Rockbox project. Rockbox totally liberated the iPod, it increased functionality a ton, and I could manually manage my files. Then I looked at my G4 and wondered if there was a way to liberate that too...

I certainly wouldn't judge a musician in any way for picking the tool that helps them create music with fewest barriers. Not everyone is resourceful and curious enough to look under the hood.
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Re: lets talk about apple mac

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I use Mac quite a bit. My current audio machine is an older Macbook Pro. Honestly, I'll admit that I like it. I love the form factor, the OS design, the tools... You can run into problems with a Mac (especially when you want to hack around), but your normal experience will be smooth sailing. I use what I like from the ecosystem, and refuse to use what I don't. I'm the sort of guy who only uses iPhones but jailbreaks them.

The reason I'm looking into Linux audio workflow is mainly because Apple computers are getting less and less upgradeable, so in order to once again get a long-term reliable machine, I'd have to get the absolute top of the line straight out the door. The fastest CPU, the most RAM, the biggest SSD that the Apple Store has an option for. And well, that costs a metric shitton.

With a PC on the other hand I can go for a more modular, upgradable build, and I won't ever use Windows again, so Linux is the only option that's left. :D And I do have some good experience with Linux... and it has really come a LONG way in terms of usability since the early days when I first messed around with it.

Still, in the end I may end up getting a Mac Mini (which is at least RAM upgradable, and you can add storage via Thunderbolt 3) for my home studio, and a Linux notebook for on the go. Giving up Garageband (and the possibility of Logic Pro in the future) is a little painful. :P

--- Overall, my verdict of Apple as a company: They have had a long history of both great and bad decisions. Sometimes they try to push users toward models that I dislike. Still, they have far better privacy policies than Google (I'd never use Android, ever) or Microsoft (also, Win10+, never ever), they see you as their client, not as their product.

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