MOTU UltraLite AVB and jack_bufsize

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MOTU UltraLite AVB and jack_bufsize

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With my Focusrite Scarletts I can change jackd's buffer size on the fly without problems (if I stop jack clients before). Pulseaudio via jack-sink doesn't have to be restarted.

With my UltraLite AVB I can change the buffer size on the fly but only playback works after the change as expected. The UltraLite's built-in mixer still handles incoming signals but jackd doesn't get any data on that channel.

I found out that this is another "channel hopping" bug. What was on capture_2 is on capture_10 after changing the buffer size. So I have to connect capture_(n+8), too as a workaround.

It's the modulo-8-effect. capture_2 moves to capture_18 as well after changing jackd's buffer size on the fly.
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