Linux and Ethernet based audio interfaces

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Linux and Ethernet based audio interfaces

Post by bluebell »

Is this like heaven for us? It doesn't look like this.
Die Installation des Gerätes erfordert die Anmeldung auf der Waves Website, das Herunterladen des Waves Software-Autorisierungscenters, der Waves Soundgrid Studio-Software und auch den Download des Soundgrid Driver Control Panel.

Die Hardware an sich muss zudem noch im Internet registriert und nachträglich über die Soundgrid Software konfiguriert werden.
I can't find out if this Softgrid stuff is available for Linux since they want me to register first. Even the hardware has to be registered.

It's more than questionable that the product works together with Linux, even if it uses Linux internally.
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Re: Linux and Ethernet based audio interfaces

Post by Drumfix »

My verdict:

- proprietary bullshit
- not invented here syndrom
- not compatible to any established standard
- the sooner the companies offering this piece of shit go bankcrupt, the better

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