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QJackctl freezes on stop with TASCAM US-122

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:24 pm
by poqamatt
I'm using Ubuntu Studio 18.04 on a DELL E6230 with a TASCAM US-122 audio/midi interface.

I've followed this guide to install the US-122 up to and including step 7 (sudo usx2yloader) and the US-122 lights up as it should. Using Ardour5 and QjackCtl I can record / monitor / process live audio and midi via the US-122 using Ardour 5, no problems, except for one little problem that I cannot seem to solve...

My startup sequence:
* Power up laptop, login etc
* Plug in the US-122
* Go into a Terminal and run the command 'sudo usx2yloader', the US-122 lights up
* Run QjackCtl then start JACK with the US-122 selected as the Interface, MIDI as raw
* Use Ardour, record audio, monitor audio, playback audio, record midi whilst the plugin generates tones from the midi notes etc...

So now I want to quit my session and I close down Ardour, JACK is still running at this point. I stop JACK and the whole system freezes. Not even ctrl-alt-F1 works. I have to force my laptop off, and when it boots back up again some of my preferences like the Firefox bookmarks toolbar is not enabled etc.

If I action a shutdown instead, when the OS tries to shutdown JACK it freezes again. This also happens if I pull the USB plug of the US-122 when JACK is running.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar freezing problems with this interface, or is there some kind of workaround?


Re: QJackctl freezes on stop with TASCAM US-122

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:41 pm
by poqamatt
Had a chat on another forum and was advised to try another distro, so 64bit Ubuntu Studio 18.04 was switched to 64bit AVLinux (isotester-avl64-2018.6.25.iso). With AVLinux, JACK (when it has control of the TASCAM US-122 audio device), no longer freezes the system when stopped.

Some problems remain like not being able to restart JACK with the US-122 after it has been started then stopped in the same session, the OS requires a reboot.

And when Ardour's Audio/MIDI setup is set to Audio System: ALSA, it freezes the OS instantly the moment that Input Device is set to US-122.

So, sticking to JACK as Ardour's Audio System is the solution in my case.

Re: QJackctl freezes on stop with TASCAM US-122

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:23 am
by Shadow_7
I've had trouble with jackdbus on my RPi 3B+. After a recent update it has been freezing hourly. I have to kill -9 it to regain function without a reboot. The usual jack_control methods are non-functional until the kill. Although I just updated today with a new kernel, so here's hoping it's fixed now. It's been an odd one as neither jack nor pulse were in the update that broke it. A steinberg ur22mkII in my case. In the meantime I've had 5x one liners to reset audio when it fails. The last is the date command, with a date at the end of the last setup step, so I know how long it stayed alive (roughly). Without a distro supplied solution, I'll probably switch it to another distro. Or move the whole function to an x86 machine with 8GB of RAM.

Re: QJackctl freezes on stop with TASCAM US-122

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:48 am
by Jack Winter
What kernel, and was a kernel update included in the update?