USB & Ethernet dead

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USB & Ethernet dead

Post by avicitiffany »

HI all,

I got my RPi an flashed debian & arch.

It all boots up, 5V & 3,3V is stable all the time, but no keyboard (HID) is recognized. Nor does the LNK LED flash, when I plug in a ethernet cable connected to the switch.

Bootup screen (debian) says eth0 is configured within rc.local but not present.

Is there any chance this is a problem I could fix on my own?

I tried different power sources (700mA, 1A, active USB HUB, ...)

Is there any way I check if the LAN9512 is working properly?

Thank you for your advice.

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Re: USB & Ethernet dead

Post by tseaver »

You might have better luck getting a useful reply on the Raspberry Pi forum: viewforum.php?f=53
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