Damn, *which* USB interfaces actually work with KXStudio/Ubuntu????

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Re: Damn, *which* USB interfaces actually work with KXStudio/Ubuntu????

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If this is the older, non class compliant 4x4 version, you need to install the midisport-firmware package and thereafter unplug/replug the device.

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Re: Damn, *which* USB interfaces actually work with KXStudio/Ubuntu????

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Linuxmusician01 wrote:
TheVybe wrote:I have the Tascam 4x4 and I don't have issues getting audio out to my monitors. What I am having issues with is getting mic input through the phantom power. I am using ubuntu 19.10 with Jackctl. I also have the pulseaudio jack control setup. I've been using that setup for a few years and I know that configuration is fine. I am thinking this could be driver/firmware related. The other linux wiki with the list of confirmed hardware support has this interface as confirmed compatible but it's not quite specific as to what features are compatible. Does anyone have suggestions?

Here's the troubleshooting I tried:
- Different XLR cable; still no go
- Different mic; still no go
- Verified I can get audio out
- Verified that my interface is seen; both for output and for input through ALSA and the pulseaudio software interface
1. You might want to start a separate topic about this for future reference.

2. You say that you know that the configuration is fine. Do you mean that it has ever worked in Linux?

3. This interface does not appear to need a driver in MacOS (usually secret speak for "it's class compliant") but it does come with software for Mac/Win. Have you tried said software?
I will try a separate topic. I am using LINUX so their software is no good to me. I don't have issues getting audio out. My issue is that I cannot get audio in through the mic input using the phantom power.

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