Recommended motherboards

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Tom Jerome
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Recommended motherboards

Post by Tom Jerome »

My desktop's old MSI G41M-P25 motherboard runs most versions of linux I've tried on it (though Knoppix 8.1 locks up), but I've yet to find a distro that can run Jack. I installed KXStudio on my laptop (Dell E6400) and it worked fine. Did the same on the desktop and it can't communicate with the motherboard. I've tried Arch and Ubuntu of various flavors, no go.

I'd love to find a MB that can be used for audio, and it would be great if it were socket 775 so I could use my CPU. DDR3 ram would be even better.

Any personal recommendations along those lines? Thanks.

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Re: Recommended motherboards

Post by GuntherT »

I like ASUS's stuff. I have owned two laptops and a desktop motherboard by them, and they were all compatible with various distros out-of-the-box. I also remember seeing online a specialty computer designed for pro-audio/DAW usage (running Windows), and its motherboard was an ASUS, if that means anything. I think it suggests the manufacturer is capable of making boards that produce low latency, but that may not be the case for all of their models.

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Michael Willis
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Re: Recommended motherboards

Post by Michael Willis »

My music machine is mostly cobbled together out of parts scavenged from my brother's old gaming rig. I have no idea what the motherboard is, other than I get an ASUS splash screen on startup. I'm running Elementary OS + KXStudio repos, and it doesn't give me trouble (anymore*)

* Side story: In the past, sometimes it would get hung up when I tried to log in. Any time that happened, I would do the old ctrl-alt-F1, log in to the virtual terminal, and run

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sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm restart
and then try again and usually it would work. Then one day I found that my music room smelled like the beginning of an electrical fire. I feared the worst, unplugged everything, and tested all of my equipment one at a time. The digital piano still worked, the studio speakers still worked, the audio interface still worked (plugged into a different computer), but my computer wouldn't turn on. Further investigation revealed that the smell was coming from the power supply, so I replaced it, now everything is working again, and strangely now I don't have any issues when I log in! The other strange thing is that the computer wasn't even turned on when the power supply burned out! I guess that's what I get for using an old power supply from a decade-old computer box that I found at the thrift store.

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