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Re: Ubuntu Audio Interface Help

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Sure :-)

The easiest / best way to go about this is to use Jack's routing - route input to relevant software, then route software's out/s as well as media player's outs to the cards outs. Obviously, you'll need appropriate (Jack-aware) software. Something like Guitarix and VLC should present you no problems.


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Re: Ubuntu Audio Interface Help

Post by Pablo »

One option is jack server[1] and a jack-aware media player[2]
Assuming you connect your bass to the DI and from the DI output to the first analog input, in qjackctl connect system: capture_1 to both system: playbacks.

[1] Start it via qjackctl, setup -> Interface: hw:M2496. Periods/buffer: 256
[2] For example, audacious (choose Jack output in Preferences - Audio)

EDIT: Yes, OK. Sorry for chiming in. Yes, if you want a virtual amp, use guitarix! If don't want a virtual amp, just do the above to listen to what you are playing without any effects. For the player, VLC, Audacious, aqualung and many more do jack.

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