Internal sound card Linux?

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Internal sound card Linux?

Post by A350 »

Recommendation for an internal sound card for Linux? The use will be music production, I do not need to record voices or external instruments. Thanks

Budget € 100
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Re: Internal sound card Linux?

Post by bluzee »

If you have PCI slots available you might find a used RME card in that budget range. Ones you will find in that range are used M-Audio delta series cards. Delta 44, 66, 1010 are all decent.

I don't think you'll find any PCIe cards in that budget.

A PCIe to PCI slot adapter may work for some of these cards.
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Re: Internal sound card Linux?

Post by forestandgarden »

if it's really only to get the audio off the computer, a built in chip like e.g. intel hda, doesn't have to be inferior to a card, if it can natively do the sampling rates you want
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