Core Wars. Amd vs Intel for Audio Production

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Core Wars. Amd vs Intel for Audio Production

Post by merlyn »

Sound On Sound magazine has made an article available with benchmarks of 3rd generation Ryzen chips running an audio load : ... pus-tested

It was done on Windows, but I would think the performance would translate to Linux. The take-away is that low latency can be achieved with 3rd gen Ryzen chips by using 3600MHz memory. It may seem surprising as the received wisdom in the Intel dominated era was that it was pure clock speed and instructions per clock cycle that made a good chip for audio, meaning that overclocking gave a performance boost. With the Ryzen chips running the memory at the same speed as the Infinity Fabric interconnect gives the best performance.

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Re: Core Wars. Amd vs Intel for Audio Production

Post by Jamesf »

My plans for a new machine got delayed to later in the year, so I'm keeping a weather eye on things like this. So now I'm also waiting to see how the 4000 generation shapes up, and for Tuxedo Computers to start shipping models with AMD GPUs.

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