seeking info on MIDI controllers, thinking Arturia

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seeking info on MIDI controllers, thinking Arturia

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HI all,

I am getting more into the hardware side of synths and reducing my use of software synths. They just seem more intuitive for the way I work. Anyway I'm looking for advice on a controller for keyboardless and modular synths. It has to have DIN, CV, and optionally USB. A sequencer and/or apreggiator is a must. Preferably a decent sequencer. Pitch bend and mod wheels are nice but optional. 37-49 key is the range I need. I don't really care about having tons of knobs and faders. In other words, something nice and basic with a good sequencer.

I'm looking at the Aturia Keystep and later on getting the Beatstep or Beatstep pro to go with it. My biggest reservation though is in the reviews they talk about how tightly integrated their controllers are with Artuia's software. How big of a concern is this for a Linux user? What sort of functionality might I lose?

My budget is around $250 and I don't mind buying used

I'm also looking a Keylab MKII eventually to replace my main DAW keyboard. Same question on the software issue.

Thanks in advance for your awesome answers :)

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Re: seeking info on MIDI controllers, thinking Arturia

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I've got both the Keystep 32 and the BeatStep Pro. I have used the editing software for the BeatStep, but used W-word OS rather than Wine. So I can't tell you whether it would work under Wine. Maybe someone on the Arturia forum would know. I don't think you need to edit anything to get basic functionality going on either unit. The Keystep uses a pressure ribbon for pitch and mod. I've used these with MIDI and also my modular setup. I'm going through a guitar centric phase at the moment and haven't used the BeatStep in a while. I use the Keystep for keyboard and occasional percussion triggering.

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