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Palindrome $10 loads/morphs/speeds 4 of your samples in reaper-wine etc

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 2:15 am
by glowrak guy ... Palindrome

$10 on sale, choose your samples, draw your morph paths using control points,
or mod those it comes with, change speed while it plays, change playback between loop,
back-and-forth or one-time modes, add fx, adjust envelopes and filters,
find youtube videos...

It comes with 1.2 gig of samples, but I loaded gamelan samples,
hydrogen kit samples etc and having a hoot, so load your favorite imagination igniters,
you didn't need that supersized cheeseburger, anyway, and be happy.

It has a simple dark gui. nicely highlighted, simple sample selection,
and it doesn't require a registration.