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Sonicsmith Squaver P1+ - audio input >> synth output

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:25 am
by khz
That's a lot of fun for me at the moment to play e-bass, for example.
The ACO100 oscillator chip reacts very reliably and musically ... .
Expressing the instrumentalist's performance to an analog synthesizer according to its frequency, amplitude and articulation is a an art of its own. Inside the Squaver P1+ is the ACO100 oscillator chip with its audio input and synth output. A square and sawtooth waves mix knob is provided on the front panel as well as an OSC / SUBS mix and SYNTH / SRC mix knobs. The Squaver P1+ pulls the whole analog audio - synth - CV performance together. Along with two envelope followers that can be assigned to either the VCA, PWM or the VCF and still have all the important CV ins and outs on the front panel to create your own patches.