Electra One - Controller

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Electra One - Controller

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See and change 36 MIDI controls across multiple synthesizers at once

Modify sound parameters by turning 12 high resolution 360-degree pots or with a touch of your fingertips on the display and get instant visual feedback. Access to 6 pages of parameters gives you an instant control over 216 MIDI parameters.

Electra.one not only sends MIDI messages to connected instruments, it also continuously reads their patch settings to give you clear insight into the sound structure and endless possibilities to tweak it.

Sound programming
Do you own classic synths that are hard to program? Electra.one gives you a great level of control over the sound parameters of your synthesizers and sound modules. The Electra.one controller continuously reads your synthesizers parameter settings to reveal the entire patch structure. This brings you a whole new dimension of creativity.

Live performances
Tweaking filter cutoff frequency on many synths with one controller has never been easier. Electra.one allows you to create performance presets to control many distinct sound parameters across multiple synthesizers from one place. High resolution 360-degree pots adjust parameter values without any abrupt changes.



Image Martin Pavlas electra.one https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7iEzm ... 7PA/videos
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