Computers which are fully Linux capable

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Computers which are fully Linux capable

Post by khz »

Possibly interesting for users who want to buy a fully Linux capable computer. Also to see which components and compilations are Linux compatible or ~meaningful.

Generally all - or many - components work.

Exception: With the very latest hardware there can be problems at the beginning because the appropriate drivers to address the hardware have to be written by the Linux hackers first. With the newest hardware you can only wait until the drivers are included in the kernel.
In rare cases it can also be very tedious or even impossible to get a hardware to run if the hardware manufacturer does not want this (works against it) or has special (~licensed?) things built in.

If you know other sources or if you have gained your own experience, please share this information here. Thank you. :-D
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Re: Linux computer fully Linux capable

Post by tramp »

well, dell is well known for it's linux support. You could select, when order, if you would get your PC with windows or Ubunut: ... sc/laptops
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Re: Linux computers which are fully Linux capable

Post by rghvdberg »

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Re: Linux computers which are fully Linux capable

Post by jonetsu »

rghvdberg wrote:
Got a Gazelle recently. Am using dual monitors. They said to enable Nvidia by clicking on the option top left corner. I did. The laptop went into brick mode at reboot. Never booted back. Have installed Xubuntu 18.04 LTS instead of their pop_os thing that has gnome. Works OK, gets the work done. But the backlit keyboard cannot be switched off, it has 2 hours of battery life, and it cannot connect to the wifi from the backyard deck whereas a simple Lenovo can. And there's no need for nvidia in order to use dual monitors. Their .deb package for power management includes nvidia, gcc, libc, and tons of other things. No way am I going to install that. I can append the dpkg log later on to show what this installation entails.

Glad from the experience though, and glad it was not my money.

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