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Free: make standalones from vst plugins with NanoHost from Tone2

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 2:10 pm
by glowrak guy

make a folder with a vst plugin contents, copy the 32 or 64 bit NanoHost.exe
to that folder, and rename it with the plugins name.
So a Fathom synth folder in /home/you/Fathom would contain both
Fathom.dll, and Fathom.exe (the renamed NanoHost64bit.exe)

Launch using

wine /home/you/Fathom/Fathom.exe

Then in the config menu, select wineasio for the audio output of each plugin.

Instruments with internal preset handling, or sets of
.fxp presets will be the best choices. I tested using Fathom,
U-he ACE, and Superwave P8.
It includes a built-in recorder