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IK hardware/software savings path: what you get for $250 or less

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 10:11 pm
by glowrak guy
If you have a recent wine and reaper setup, try the free Syntronik collection,
a nice batch of sampled synth sounds from the full version.
(Syntronik/UNO video links below) ... ronik-free

If you like that, get the free for awhile full Bully synth and add it to your
Syntronik Free version (via newsletter signup) ... ronikbully

If you like that, and always wanted a portable but powerhouse analog synth
with usb and 5pin midi i/o, arpeggiator/sequencer as well as an audio input to mix in external gear,
the 'Double-Up promotion has been extended, so you can get the full
Syntronik collection free when you buy/register your UNO

Now if you''re really stoked, you can get the upgrade to Syntronik Deluxe for 50% off ... nik-deluxe

So you get a great hardware synth, and a great collection of software synths
for $250, or less if you can find a store coupon for the UNO in your spam folder.

Syntronik videos

UNO videos:

Got a kid(s) who needs to fill a summer without going to jail?
Could be a great family investment.