IK UNO 'DoubleUp promo, buy UNO, choose an IK software

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Re: IK UNO 'D,oubleUp promo, buy UNO, choose an IK software

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Having great fun using UNO to arpeggiate Yoshimi and Hydrogen.
Not being a percussionist, adjusting Hydro bpm, and using the
UNO tempo knob, it's easy dial in new life from existing patterns
and sounds, and use non-drum hydro kits made of favorite samples.
(use the hydro Tools menu, and select Input Mode --> 'Drumkit'

Then add some multi's with Yoshimi to the mix, pick or create
a few rakarracks suited to your imaginations, and off you go.
Leave the record button on, and be happy. (and that's with the UNO volume
knob turned _off_ Plenty more to consider, when you crank it up :wink:


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