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Postby jonetsu » Sat May 19, 2018 11:02 pm

I went for the Biotek2 upgrade, Linux version.

It does not run. Not seen by Bitwig nor Mixbus32C. No updated user guide with the Linux version. To get the updated user guide one must run the Windows installer. Contents of the update:

Code: Select all

16592672 May 18 12:15 BioTek
6144 May 18 12:15 changelog.txt
1412 May 18 12:15 Readme.txt

Price for the upgrade from version 1: $99.

They release early Saturday but have no support until Monday.

To put it mildly, not impressed at all with the level of professionalism.


Biotek 2 works ... in Bitwig. In Mixbus32C (Ardour) it will make the DSP jump to a steady 100% resulting in any sound interrupted every 1-2 seconds by silence gaps. In both Bitwig and Mixbus32C Biotek 2 will freeze the DAW while it is loading. Both DAWs will become unresponsive fro that time. In Bitwig this is about 15 seconds but in Mixbus32C it's close to 60 seconds. In Bitwig no VST parameter will be shared with Bitwig until a sound is played. The user guide is still not part of the Linux delivery.

This said, when everything is aligned (in Bitwig) and the green light is given, the sounds are pretty good. Biotek 2 is a synth that has flair and class. It is a bit sad to see it undermined by such flaws which leads to a chaotic release, and by perhaps improper testing before release.

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