Cheap tablet/ereader for sheet music

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Cheap tablet/ereader for sheet music

Post by raboof »

I'm considering getting a cheap tablet/ereader for sheet music - that could potentially be more convenient than lugging around folders of paper.

This is just a bit of fun, so I'm looking to spend up to 100 bucks on it. Second-hand/refurbished is fine. Ideally a big display, though it doesn't need to be high-resolution.

Any suggestions, either hardware- or software-wise? I guess most cheaper Android tablets will be stuck at old Android versions. Are there any hacker-friendly devices that I could run 'regular' Linux on? Any recommendations for sheet-music-wrangling software?

A quick google revealed which looks very promising!

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Re: Cheap tablet/ereader for sheet music

Post by milo »

Software-wise I think your best bet on a tablet is to use a pdf reader. If your music is not in pdf format then convert it on your desktop/laptop and transfer it over. There are Android apps that do music notation, but you are likely to get your data stuck in their format or in their app with no portability to other devices or apps.

Don't have a recommendation for hardware. My only tablet is a Philips portable DVD player/tablet combo that I bought at Walmart on a road trip a few years ago for about $90. It is crazy slow and has a small screen with a bulky form factor. Definitely not recommended. :)

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Re: Cheap tablet/ereader for sheet music

Post by rghvdberg »

I use a regular android tablet, 10 inch. I might one day invest in a.bigger sized tablet.

By far the best app is MovileSheets Pro. ... esheetspro
There's a gratis version too, with limits the number of sheets to 7 I think.

I use it with an USB page turner because I have to play pieces with multiple pages.

I got so used to it that when I play from paper sheets I keep pressing the page turner pedal and than are baffled why the (paper) sheets won't turn

Any USB page turner will do, but those things can be rather expensive.

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Re: Cheap tablet/ereader for sheet music

Post by Musicteacher »

this is not completely on-topic, but I own a convertible notebook and tried to use it for sheet-music.

I found that the evince pdf reader is good for that, because it supports touch navigation, whereas okular doesn't.

So with evince in fullscreen, I can just swipe over the page to turn it. Me being a piano player who needs his feet for the piano-pedals, this is not bad.

If you get yourself the pinetab (which is not out yet, very interesting device), evince should just work, too.

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